Shaping your perceptive imagination through your experiences.

AR and VR as initials of words suggest that they are implied as augmented reality and virtual reality.
Our imaginations and perceptions of world was binded by objectivity and axiom of truth till previous decade. Our decade is offering us to curve this implication of truths and experiences as per freedom of our imagination. By introducing, augmented reality and virtual reality to the technology in market.

This allow to feel and be anywhere that we want even at the place that doesn’t exist can be reanimated into a virtual environment where can host meetings, corporate meetings, videogames etc.

We are highly invested in developing AR and VR solution in a simulated world it can help human development a lot, for example there are various training modules that are on AR and VR. Training modules like airplane simulator, bus simulator etc. We Affix center as an organisation of collective team will always walk on foot step of changing technology to meet the rising demand and needs of the markets!


Let's start something great together !