Shaping your perceptive imagination through your experiences.

Affix center develops mixed reality solutions for visionaries or organisations who want to have a better edge in market as compared to their competitors.

Mixed reality gives you an integrated approach toward things through our computers that do not very exist. the thought does not sound particularly new. The very idea of mixed reality involves augmentation of different devices that would encapsulate your sensory perception of along with digital combining of real world with virtual world environment, as benchmark of productive market for digital coexistence of virtual world and real world.

If you cross-check a Vincent Van Gogh painting the sunny day, as an example, you are experiencing the sites and sounds of European country in 1887 years ago—so that is a form of computer game. within the same approach, if you hear instrumental or musical style along with your eyes closed, and begin dreaming regarding things, it can be associated with an example of mixed reality— an expertise of a world that does not very exist? What regarding losing yourself in a very book or a movie? For a concept that is form of mixed reality?

Whether a painting or a real estate sale we are committed to make your reality come alive with simulations according to your ambiences and requirement.

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