Read How we are responding to
Covid-19 outbreak

Work from Home

Setting up procedures and protocols through which our customers can easily work from home along with their employees. The setup will be so efficient that the client need not have to worry about the data piracy. Hence, we are in active support of comfortably working from home. So that our valued customers can stay home and stay safe..

Marketing Support

Even though your field force is at rest for this time, home ever you cannot put your business at ease. We are providing strategic mechanism to our clients in order to do a perfect marketing while staying back home. Indeed the concern is to get the ROI, hang on! we can plot you that.

Educating the Society

We are proud to say that “Yes, we have learnt a lot from the society during these years of our business” and now this is a right time when we are concerned with the learning and development of the millennial. Hence we have initiated with frequent free webinars that is only to promote the cause of learning across various topics by industry experts.

Technology Support

One can be our client or not we are actively supporting the individuals for any sort of technology understanding and help. Even though we are bounded with limitation we intend to help people by the best possible way we can.

Business Consulting

Team Affix Center has pledged to support with FREE business consulting to the business and ventures with our expertise. This is an initiative to support the Business Owners in this situation so that they can work efficiently and that how the economy can be managed.

Since the world is actively responding towards the pandemic outbreak of novel corona virus, we have a strong positive aspirations towards the Corona Warrior who are working selflessly for us and for the suffering society. At Affix Center, we’re working towards ensuring the safety of our team by offering best practices of technology for them to work easily from home, we are also helping our customers to support them do their work from home comfortably.