Cyber security is the new science and Affix center holds the answers.

Databank and security systems are the Services that Affix center provides to protect yourself or your company from threats. Information has been crucial for the growth and evolution of several multinational corporations. Putting this data at risk could be like being victim to corporate espionage by fraudulent elements.

We do provide security managements, risk assessment, cyber security audits, penetration testing and lot other services. Your data will be always safe with data back-up systems and vulnerability risk assessments periodically.

We also provide other services like VPN tunnelling, Remote desktop Services, firewalling.


We also make and can provide device access policies for users according to their accessibility in the system and network of system according to the priority levels which depends on their work basis. Likewise polices are also made for what kind of devices can have access to the system in network.

Enabling automation, machine learning and shared threat intelligence in your security design can facilitate your organizations to keep up with the expansion of refined cyber attacks. Machine learning will facilitate to accurately establish variations of generic threats, acknowledge patterns, predict consequent steps of attack, and inform automation tools to implement protections across the organizations.

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