Cyber security is the new science and Affix center holds the answers.

We conduct Security audits, that are systematic analysis of the safety of a company's datasystem, by how well it conforms to a group of established criteria.

A radical audit generally assesses the safety of the system’s physical configuration and surroundings, software, info handling processes, and user practices. Security audits are typically accustomed to compliance.

A vulnerability assessment, on the opposite hand, involves a comprehensive study of a complete data system, seeking potential security weaknesses. Penetration testing may be a tactical operation, during which a security expert tries variety of attacks to determine whether or not or not a system might stand up to identical kinds of attacks from a malicious hacker. In penetration testing, the attack will embody something a true offender may attempt, like social engineering. Each of the approach to have an inherent strength, and optimization or a lot of of them in conjunction could also be the foremost effective approach of all.


An info security audit happens once a technology team conducts structure review to make sure that the proper and latest processes and infrastructure are being applied. Security audit additionally includes a series of tests which guarantee that info security meets all expectations and needed to protect company’s infrastructure. Through this method, staffs are interviewed concerning security roles and alternative relevant details.

A Security Auditor probes the protection and effectiveness of pc systems and their connected security parts (e.g. IT procedures). It’s all concerning analysis & documentation! Once after conducting a security audit, you’ll be expected to issue an in depth report outlining the effectiveness of the system, explaining any security problems and suggesting changes and enhancements.

It’s not as uninteresting because it sounds. Some Security Auditors work as freelance consultant, that suggest lots of travel and opportunities to figure on inventive security solutions, others are valued members of IT security groups. Auditors get to form virtual environments, hunt for vulnerabilities, assess the chances of threats, and advocate best practices. That’s a footing of appreciable power.

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