Cyber security is the new science and Affix center holds the answers.

Information security management may be a set of procedures and tools custom-made by a company to assist shield and secure all knowledge and servers for the organization. As organizations are progressively conducting their business on-line and on mobile devices, the numbers of security thefts that targets sensitive knowledge is additionally on the increase.

Internet is evolving and it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s a target for hackers. However, Affix Center takes the security of its users very seriously. And we provide them with most formidable security infrastructures in the market, due to our partnerships with best cyber security experts in the market.

Systems security includes dominant security access of all the pc systems and knowledge that is utilized in the day to day business activities of the organization. Systems security helps to secure the organizations along with accountability, to the attested users and deny access to unauthorized users. With further authentication ways are accustomed login to websites, computers and servers are employed to encrypt, code or scramble the information in order that it often scan solely by valid users with access to the coding code.

Our IT security management (ITSM) intends to ensure the provision, integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s knowledge, data and IT services. Our IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) security management usually forms a part of a structure strategy to security management that incorporates a broader scope compared to an IT service supplier.


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