Database restoring is a new science. And affix center holds the answers.

Affix Center Undelete Email for Outlook could be a skilful deleted email recovery software package that safely recovers lost or deleted emails from MS Outlook mailbox.


Affix Center Recovery for Mail could be a skilled email recovery software package that restores all of your lost, deleted or inaccessible email messages from email information files, created in ‘Pegasus’, ‘The Bat’, ‘IncrediMail’ and ‘Thunderbird’.

Additional benefits

Recovers Outlook mailbox on Network Drive Deleted email recovery software package ensures that the recovered mailbox is saved as new PST on the required location together with network drives. the placement will be any disk, that features Network location and external media, and square measure visible to the host software system.

Maintains and Saves Recovery Log

The software package records data regarding all tasks performed throughout the recovery method in a very log file and permits you to avoid wasting this log at any desired location in your system. Recovery Log file helps in supportive the recovered mailbox contents.

Recovers Outlook Emails and alternative Deleted things from PST Files

With the assistance of this software package, MS Outlook users will recover and restore all deleted things from the PST file. These embrace emails, calendars, contacts, notes, distribution lists, journals, appointments, and tasks. Also, recover all attachments accessible in PST file.

Deleted Email Recovery from Encrypted/Password Protected OST/PST Files

With Affix Center Deleted Email recovery software package, users have AN choice to restore the deleted emails from encrypted OST and PST files. The software package additionally retrieves knowledge from password-protected Outlook knowledge files, while not compromising the safety of confidential user knowledge.

Recovers every type of deleted Outlook attachments 

The software package recovers all the e-mail attachments regardless of their file extension. These attachments will be within the type of standout Worksheets, Word documents, pictures so on. The software package permits composing scanned emails and messages on the premise of Attachments and additional.

Option to Save and cargo scan data

Scan the OST or PST file and save the scanned data accessible in.DAT extension at a most popular location. Next, load the scanned knowledge within the software package and save the recovered deleted emails and alternative mailbox things within the most popular file format.

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