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Secure File Erasure software package for mac

Secure file implement and privacy safeguarding software package for macOS devices like MacBook (Air/Pro), iMac (Pro), mac (Mini/Pro). The file erasure software package follows seventeen international knowledge erasure standards like Department of Defence 5220.22-M (3 passes/7 passes), NATO, and additional that facilitate destroys sensitive data from mac systems, on the far side the scope of recovery.

Securely Erases Sensitive Data

BitRaser for File (Mac) permits you to secure erase Data like files, folders, application/system traces, net activities, and unused space for storing from chosen mac drives and systems.


The software package implements international knowledge erasure standards, feat no likelihood Data  recovery even with the assistance of subtle data recovery tools and services together with forensics.

International Erasure Algorithms

BitRaser for File (Mac) options seventeen international Data implement standards that you simply will opt to destroy your sensitive files and Data from Mac systems.

Guttmann (35 passes). you’ll more choose from 2 verification methods—Random and Total Verification—that at the same time ensures knowledge destruction on the far side recovery.

A number of common implement standards square measure USA Department of Defence 5220.22-M (3 pass/7 passes), NATO, Russian customary GOST-R, British HMG IS5,

Generates File Erasure Report​

The file implement utility provides AN choice to generate erasure report and certificate once files square measure wiped once looking. The tamper-proof certificate is generated in PDF format that contains details of the implement task with a timestamp and alternative vital data. This digitally signed certificate helps you meet native and international statutory and regulative compliances associated with privacy and knowledge security.

Automates Erasure Task​

The software package provides AN choice to schedule file implement task supported specific parameters chosen and outlined by the user. you’ll schedule erasure task of specific files and folders or volume Once/Every Day/Week/Month as per your selection. This helps you automatize one or safer file implement tasks, that will increase productivity and save time considerably.

Secure Wipes Unused Space

Empty space for storing will contain antecedently deleted however confidential files that has to be erased to safeguard knowledge and privacy. BitRaser for File (Mac) additionally helps you to firmly wipe solely the unoccupied or unused space for storing on mac drive volumes. It overwrites the unallocated storage with random values outlined by the chosen knowledge erasure formula, that makes knowledge recovery nearly not possible.

Mac OS X Compatible

The secure file implement software package works with all macOS ten.9 and higher than (up to ten.14 Mojave) power-driven mac machines like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook professional, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, and mac professional. The software package supports macOS compatible filing system like APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT (FAT16/32), and exFAT.

Simple to Use

BitRaser for File (Mac) is a straightforward to use and powerful, secure file erasure software package for mac systems. The software package installs quickly and helps you accomplish a fancy secure file erasure task with simply a number of clicks. The intuitive style helps you quickly navigate through file erasure choices to sanitize sensitive data from mac internal and external drives.

Safeguards Privacy

The software package permits you to secure erase system traces, application traces, and net activities, that contains counselling like browsing history, saved passwords, card details, auto-fill type knowledge, chat messages, emails, and more. By destroying such sensitive knowledge, you’ll shield knowledge from offline threats and safeguard privacy.

​Prevents knowledge felony and knowledge Outpouring

With seventeen knowledge implement standards and two-verification strategies, BitRaser for File (Mac) ensures knowledge destructions from your mac systems And storage media to an extent wherever no knowledge recovery software package or service will recover knowledge in a very usable format—including rhetorical tools.

Saves Resources and ​Time

The DIY secure file implement software package permits you to automatise file erasure tasks, that saves time and resources. It additionally helps minimize system complexness and improves knowledge security from the comfort of your home or workplace. And this doesn’t need further hardware or skills.

Helps Meet regulative ​Compliance

The software package generates a verified tamper-proof and digitally signed a certificate of erasure and knowledge implement report that validates permanent knowledge destruction. This certificate and erasure report generated by mistreatment BitRaser for File (Mac) will be used as a legit document to fulfil privacy-related regulative compliances, audits, and international tips, together with ISO 270001.


Unlimited ​Implement

With BitRaser for File (Mac), you’ll erase unlimited files, folders, and drive volumes while not restrictions. you’ll additionally wipe unused area from internal and external drives or search and destroy specific files to come up with a certificate of implement and implement reports with none limit.

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