Marketing your needs and demands to your target base

In simple terms, Google AdWords is a website advertising service, developed by Google to assist marketers reach their customers instantly.
When a user searches on Google for a specific term, say ‘Branded Shoes’, Google would throw a listing of searches for you. If you look closely, you may notice that the highest and also the bottom results are typically ads.

As you’ll be able to see, search ads, after running your searches and these Ads proves terribly profitable for your business.

There are some Key characteristics to Google Adwords they depends on few parameters like


 Keyword- These are specific word used by users in searches, these words are called keywords and keywords are used frequently by some users in searches.
Placements- These are places in the website where ads are placed.
Remarketing– This helps you reconnect you together with your existing web site guest.

Topic– There are specific topics in AdWords, beneath that all websites are classified.

There can be finest optimization of the Adwords parameters for the best results.

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