Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands

EPABC is an Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. At many enterprises and offices a Private Branch exchange serves as call and communication services in office. Which replace the use of network carrier devices, with private intercommunication service. PBXs are also called private automatic branch exchange. They are communication systems which basically conduct both internal and external switching function of any organisations. Installation of EPBAX in offices is pesky job at it requires wide range knowledge of traffic patterns of the office.

EPABX grew popular in offices because of technological revolution in branch of electronics and with boom in microprocessor and micro controller industry


EPABX served private needs and public need of the organisation. Due to which private lines can be established between a boss and his employees or between subordinates it also allows for features like hot dialing and quick dialing.

The selection of an EPBAX for the organisation ought to be preceded by an intensive study of requirements of the workplace. The exchange ought to have supporting options like voice DISA-n-auto attendant. This feature helps in doing away with a secretarial assistant or an attendant.

The feature of a decision transferring and forwarding is another space enabling quality of the users. Auto conferencing and automatic redialling of numbers found performing on the primary trial square measure a number of alternative advancements within the options of the EPBAX.

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