Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands

The integral service of diagnosis, maintenance and repair of diverse computer equipment is developed by Affix Center as an alternative line of solution, ends up being a very important aspect. Most companies refute their technical services to their product partially or fully which is awfully vital side among the work system for firms, which is due for expiry of contract or any similar economic reason. For this reason, special care is taken within the provision of the service with specialised personnel in continuous and preventive maintenance. 


Diagnosis report: Our engineer may reproduce a custom report on all the flaws and issues your system may have to generate full diagnostic report of needed change your computer must have
For the event of this service, Affix Center has outlined 3 levels of client service:

On-site service: Our service engineers can attend and repair any drawback of your laptop instrumentation at your facilities. Our usual reaction time is four hours (depending on the supply of our technicians) from the time the decision is received.

Carry in commission: Customers is able to send their devices and gadgets to our facilities for the diagnostic service and corresponding repairs. They're going to be came back and put in within the corresponding user positions for the best use and operation.

Coaching for users:Additionally, our company thinks about the people that can use computers normally, thus we've engineers and technicians specialised in every of the kinds of laptop repair and upgradation. Likewise, we offer coaching in our facilities or within the client's facility with our own devices for the right use of them. This can generate higher use of the devices, computer and avoid further prices for damages. Finally, a preventive service for designation and repair of laptop and services will be of nice profit to your company for the subsequent reasons.


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