Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands

The reliableness and performance of your IT infrastructure have a positive impact on the productivity and gain of your business. while not maintenance, the expectancy of kit is restricted.

Plan your maintenance to confirm peace of mind

All necessary preventive maintenance is planned for twelve months beforehand. This methodology ensures the reliableness and performance of your IT infrastructure. The support program is planned and keeps you among your budget! Your productivity isn’t tormented by sharp failures caused by improper maintenance of your IT infrastructure. moreover, the period of time of your instrumentation are extended by two hundredth.


Any IT instrumentation is developed considerately for the limitation of its period. Upon finish of warrant, finish of Support, and finish of Life, the corporate must answer the question: what’s to be through with this equipment?

And here, there are four options:

ICL Services’ maintenance and repair of IT instrumentation embrace the subsequent options:

Types of instrumentation lined by ICL Services’ M&R contract:

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