Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands

Network administrators are the top notch technical employees in organisation who looks after the network management right from formation of network architecture based on priority level to the from top to bottom approach of network architecture or vice versa

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The network administrator must perpetually monitor the network for faults, outages and alternative network connected issues. Network watching is usually accustomed via tools and therefore the network administrator is alerted once there is red flag in security.

The network administrator can often test the network for potential vulnerabilities within the security system. A penetration check is usually employed in order to check for potential unauthorized element into the network.


The network administrator is additionally responsible for changed code on the network. This code includes security code, system code, hardware drivers, etc.

Maintenance of network hardware and code, manages user accounts and playing backup and recovery processes area unit all enclosed within the network administrators’ duties.

The network administrator is additionally chargeable for detection, analysis and fixing network faults reported by users. And fault management team additionally includes testing, diagnosis and fixing network faults.


Network Administration is like knight of company’s network infrastructure as organisation depend on it for smooth functioning of data flow inside as well as outside organisation

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