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In a network, a ‘routing switch’ could be a device that culminates the functions of a switch, that forwards the data packets by watching a physical device address, and a router, which forwards packets by locating a next hop address.

Routing and switch are the essential functions of network communication. Routing and switch are totally different functions of network communications. Most variations between Routing and switch are given as below.

The job of switches is to modify data packets between multiple devices on a similar network (or same LAN – native space Network). The goal of Router is to Route packets between two completely different network.

Switches operate at Layer of the OSI Model (Data link Layer). A switch is aware of where to send an information packet by optimization of Layer with a pair of addresses (MAC address – hardware address of a network adapter).

A switch maintains a table of Mac addresses (MAC Address table or CAM Table) and what physical switch port they’re connected to.


Routers operate at Layer three of the OSI Model (Network layer). A Router is aware of wherever to send a packet by optimization of Network as part of protocol it follows. A Router maintains a table known as Routing Table and uses the routing table to see the route to the destination network. Shortest path is made by router for packet to reach its destination.

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