Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands

Purchasing and putting in a server may be a advanced task. Why not check with Ensite, and that we can take hold of the complete method, starting with selecting a specification, through to final installation and configuration.

Whether your company already encompasses a server, and easily trying to interchange it, or if you’re considering buying and putting in your 1st server for your business, provide North American country a decision, and that we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation to either provide the server, or provide tack together and install the server in your business setting, and if this is often a replacement server, we’ll migrate all of your information to the new server.


If you propose to use it as a straightforward “File Server”, we are able to came upon users, folder shares, remote users etc as a part of the installation, and if you propose to work a website, we are able to came upon accounts, users, public and shared folders, remote users, email (including Exchange), which means that you just will focus on your business, and that we can handle the technical stuff, delivering a totally purposeful server, seamlessly integrated into your business.

We can provide any whole, any configuration, rack or tower servers, we tend to get access to nice deals and costs.

  • Small Business Servers
  • We provide an entire resolution for little business servers.

This includes assessment of your IT installation needs;

  • Delivery and installation of your little business server;
  • Advice and support for your server and little business laptop network;
  • Maintenance and Upgrades;

In time, after you got to upgrade your little business server, we tend to suggest the foremost cost-effective upgrade path to permit you to continue operating whereas protective your computer code and information.

Advantages of a tiny low Business Server

  • Data is centralized in one safe and secure place.
  • E-mail system is integrated, granting improved information Backups.
  • Workers will share and organize Files, Calendars, Contacts, and E-mails.
  • Allow for Secure Access for Remote employees from nearly anyplace.

Benefits of Virtualisation

  • Fewer physical servers scale back hardware maintenance prices.
  • Will increase information center potency.
  • You'll isolate every application.
  • Customary build is simply cloned.
  • Multiple software technologies on one hardware platform.
  • Server builds are movable for hardware maintenance with no period.

Hosting Services

If you like to not run your own little business server, allow us to host your systems on one among our network servers. From websites or custom-made business applications, SQL databases, Exchange servers to handle email, and VMware for cloud and virtualization services, we tend to tailor a hosting package to suit you.

Let's start something great together !