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Computers don’t naturally get slower with age. 2 things happen.

Number one, we have a tendency to load them down over time with Associate in Nursing intolerable quantity of labour to try to.

Number two, our expectation is that our pc ought to run quicker as a result of we have a tendency to ought to work on a more recent quicker one at a friend’s house or at the workplace.


So what may be done to hurry your slow computer?

Startup Improvement

Our pc techs will check up on each program that starts up after you activate your pc. From the small wealth bug Skype icons within the System receptacle next to the clock to the 5 completely different toolbars, you have got at the highest of your applications programme. we are going to work with you to make a decision that of those programs you actually use and tell the others to not start-up on their own.

Free Up Space

When your disc drive runs terribly low on space it makes Windows run terribly slowly. Our techs will assist you establish massive file clusters just like the movies you probably did not apprehend your kid had downloaded and therefore the thousands of Windows update uninstall files which will be deleted. persistently we discover gigabytes of temporary web files on older computers we will take away.

Upgrade the Memory

Memory or RAM costs have born hugely over the previous couple of years. Associate in Nursing older pc running Windows XP could have 512MB (megabytes) or perhaps 256MB of memory. you’ll be able to currently affordably upgrade Associate in Nursing older pc to 1GB (gigabyte) or a lot of memory and build an enormous distinction in performance.

Remove Viruses &Spyware

These pestiferous programs will very slow your pc down. Our technicans ar professional at virus removal and spyware removal.

Buy a brand new pc

In some cases, it’s really not value disbursal the money to figure on Associate in Nursing older pc. If your pc doesn’t have a minimum of a dual-core processor, then it’s most likely time to think about a replacement. Proactive IT Solutions sells each New Desktop Computers and Refurbished Computers

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