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System Storage Manager provides simple to use instruction interface to manage your storage, exploitating numerous technologies is convenient to productivity like logical volume manager, btrfs, encrypted volumes and additional storage devices.

In more practical enterprises storage is managed with tools such as Device Mapper (dm), Logical Volume Manager (LVM), or Multiple Devices (MD) thus changing it into more and more resilient tool to manage storage. With file systems, the amount of tools required to assemble and manage storage is therefore massive it is not user friendly.

With such a large amount of choices for a computer user to think about, the chance for errors and issues is massive.
System Storage Manager have many commands you’ll specify on the instruction as a primary argument to the storage system manage. all of them have specific use and its own arguments, however international storage system arguments are propagated to all or any commands.


Primary functions of our storage system manager, is to formulate the output data regarding all the storage drives on the system and to change or append them to another drives. And we guarantee you our SSM that will provide you with confident listing and storage of your data.

  • List info regarding all volumes found within the system
  • List info regarding all devices found within the system
  • List info regarding all pools found within the system.
  • List info regarding all volumes containing file systems found within the system.
  • List info regarding all snapshots found within the system.

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