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Once in a while after every few year system fails and every system fails someday and they are not meant to last forever. Hard drives are the typical hosting place of the computer memory where things are placed and kept. In some cases these hard drives can go corrupt causing computer to total malfunctioning.

Sometime files becomes inaccessible to user because of blue screen of death error or black screen of death error which is generally beginning of the issue which may require formatting of hard drive. System formatting is complex process which requires selection of hard drives which need to be formatted and to deciding size allocation of these drive and OS will go on which partition of the drive for reinstallation of new Operating system.

System Engineers at Affix center were always trained by old veteran system engineer to tackle such petty issues. And to mitigate through formatting procedure as it could be cake walk for them to navigate your computer to formatting procedure and making it ready to reinstate a new OS.

We provide all kind of Operating system to your enterprises after formatting and aid you with its installation whether it be Linux or windows


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