Effect Of Corona Virus on Business

How to run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown and Curfew due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s been almost a month so far since the Coronavirus started to impact not only our lives but also our livelihood.

In order to safeguard our life, we all have initiated practicing social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors to continually washing our hands and wearing masks; we have seen most of the people around us and across the globe suffering and fighting with this pandemic situation, we all united together as ‘ONE NATION’ to honor the Corona Fighters by clapping hands for giving tribute to them. We also came up as one to motivate each one of us by lighting Candles, Flashlights, and Diyas. We did all that was essential for the betterment of everyone since Coronavirus is something none of us had ever expected.

Similarly, even our businesses are suffering due to this insane pandemic of Covid-19. Just look at the insights above which shows the clear impact on business just within a month of lockdown and the fight is not only for a month… Hence, we are coming up with few essential rituals for our business that we all should follow, practice and amend during this period of lockdown in India! However, during this period a lot has changed and there are new opportunities that have come around when it comes to your online business and marketing activities. I will make it clear that these tips and techniques of How we can take care of our business during this lockdown period are very basic methods that we all know, by this blog we are just trying to make the thought clear so that one should not miss this opportunity.

WHAT Can you do to accelerate your business during the Corona Pandemic Lockdown?

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We all are going through a really tough time, indeed your trade and business might have completely jammed so far. But the only thing that trackers do is to wait firmly at a safe point and wait for the storm to pass after which he rails towards the notch. That’s what we all should do, this time will also pass by. We have been observing the entire situation of China which has now shown that coronavirus cases are now falling down. Indeed in most of the places in China, there is a soft withdrawal of lockdown and the workers are back to work. 

At this given point of time, we have to feel lucky about it that most of the people are safe and we at our individual level practice strict social distancing and other essential hygiene protocols in order to knockdown COronaVirus completely. You just have to wait for the right time when things will be in control. It is very certain that you will be financially drained and might come to the verge of a complete financial breakdown. Well, in any such conditions you can only wait for the right time, the time when things will be normal… the time when you will be out on your field… the time when you will be ready to play the best game of your life… Read for a bounce-back!!!

Remember even if you are completely financially dry, you should claim and opt for any government assistance available in your country or region, you should keep some digital marketing going for your business. It will keep your business name visible to your audience when most of your competitor is on a mute mode that will create a great impact when customers decide to return. 

We have tried analyzing a few important Key Factors that you should practice during this lockdown period for a perfect and planned bounce back. We have tried bringing these important tactics for a perfect business comeback after Corona Lockdown from most few of the top industry experts:

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Yes, you really need to! Whether you are a freelancer, Employed or a business owner it’s time for you to really push yourself and add some additional skills in ur bucket. As a matter of fact, we all know that in our daily routine we will never get that additional time to learn and enhance your skill, hence utilize this time at your fullest. Engage your time in reading, attending webinars there are tons of webinars happening you can take advantage of. 

Connect with our Skill Development team they can help you with the best possible online free or economic learning resource (Well, we are doing this absolutely free only for that curious learner within you…)

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and urgent lockdown throughout the country and across most of the countries throughout the globe. This emergency has brought logistics, tourism, transportation and even retail on hold; if you or your business is one amongst the most affected avenues so its time for you to prepare yourself to go Digital. Yes! Indeed this is the right time for you to prepare your brand for an online drift, because during your offline journey of business till these years you might have catered your services in your periphery; hence we highly recommend you to expand your circumference globally by turning digital. You might be wondering how, if yes! speak to our Brand Consultant (“Shuuuu…at no cost, yes we will consult you for free as a courtesy to serve the society during this Pendamic situation of Corona outbreak through our expertise that we have gained during these years of our service)

What if you already have a Brand Website

Yes, in fact, most of your competitors will also be digital and this time they will be busy polishing and automating their website and process, won’t they? Hence schedule a quick call back with our Brand Consultant and understand the strategic viewpoint over technology transformation do’s and don’ts for your business, we will authentically tell you whether your business needs a technology update or you are well equipped to nail the market and that too at no cost. 



Although this current pandemic might have devastated the businesses but being an entrepreneur one has to reinvent either the business model, the processing, marketing strategies or even the approach in order to adapt to the changes the pandemic has left behind.

Business Automation


Highlighting a context that we are aware of ‘Technology & Business Automation will be the backbone of every function that we conduct in a business’ hence it is highly recommended that all the business owners should automate their process especially the budding enterprises so that it would lead to less manual errors.

ERP can be used more than ever to automate tasks leading to a lesser human face to face interaction and updates. Whereas the use of effective CRM can lead to great customer interaction.

Meetings, personal interactions, and even Events and Conferences will be facilitated with remote work tools without any loss in the productivity of employees.

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If your business is amongst those vertices that are highly affected by CoronaVirus, then you should definitely opt for a different avenue which can be either similar to your current ones (e.g: Print media, magazines can opt for Digital prints) or you can explore altogether different avenues which might be a completely new skill that you might have developed over a period of your journey or a product line that is of the high demand of the moment. In either of the cases, the possibility of more profits, more reach, and more impact will be certain if that is a strategic decision.

Prioritize and select your markets and assess internal capabilities in terms of which core competencies can be leveraged. Going digital will help enter newer markets fast. (Connect with our Experts and do a brainstorm over your plan and be rest assured it would be free)

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Companies of all sizes should be heading towards cost-cutting & cost reduction measures for various functions and processes that can either be automated through the introduction of technology or outsourced as and when required. The hiring of new staff across organizations has to be low with more scope of work being defined across lesser employees

Businesses will approach more inbound techniques of marketing like social media, blogs, CRM rather than costly marketing practices. This will help them target relevant customers at half the cost.

Innovation is the need of the day!


In such situations when business or revenue is relatively down, your business idea and model form the foundation of getting back into the groove hence it has to focus on innovation. This is a time when you have to innovate at a faster pace otherwise your venture will not be ready to perish. Post-Corona after the withdrawal of lockdown, almost every business will try to bounce back and get revenues in place. It will become a do or die situation for many of the organizations. Put in place your lifeboat plans for the quarter and annual downturns. Hence, faster innovation will help your business become more competitive and build a credible value of your brand. Focusing on innovation will help your organization scale up its structure and eventually lead to increased revenues.

I hope we were able to bring the best of the credible information in order to gear up in this lockdown situation and prepare yourself for the better move. In case you need any kind of support or understanding from our experts to click the link below and our experts will get back to you for free!



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