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Effective management of system, available resources and capability is crucial for business success and sustenance of competitive advantage. System design must maintain a balance across multiple factors viz. Chop-chop evolving technology, dynamic business situations, and integration with various systems, while not increasing the value of software package development and therefore the quality of software package systems remains better.


Architectural thinking must be expressed effectively for addressing key business issues like the following:

  • Modernizing the hardware and software package environments (reduce the quality of IT infrastructure)
  • Increasing the flexibility of applications.
  • Addressing the protection challenges related to the mixing of multiple applications, devices, and information sources.
  • Facilitating the system to speak changes in a various situations or to convey new ideas through multiple channels to the proper stakeholders.
  • Monitoring the potential usage of system options and resources
  • To observe the system development that will offer advantages in terms of quality and value gains by adherence to discipline tips.
  • A key promise of this logic is that vital selection is also created early in system development in a very cogent manner, just like the event of civil designs.

Our Approach

  • To these ends, Affix center recommends an approach that supported the commonly accepted practices for subject of promoting technological innovations and automation of enterprises and organisations where as we work solely with description of client’s requirements and provides a technical framework for more evolution during this area.
  • Affix Centre initiates a criteria-based and choice-based approach to explain how the system or product are going to be constructed; what the essential parts would be; and their objectives of prime importance from a high-level logical perspective.
  • Mapping such a range against the on the market templates helps to think about design principles for outlining the system design, that addresses the visibility, changeableness, and cooperative aspects to satisfy outlined quality expectations of the purchasers.
Software Architect Consultant
Software Architect Consultant

Key Activities:

  • Analysis of varied system or product situations.
  • Domain, business practices, and statistics.
  • Tools and technology usage.
  • Costs and timelines.
  • Business Automation
  • Cost retention

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