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Bio matrix system could be a group action system that identifies a person on the basis of his physiological and body characteristics.

Bio matrix system is taken into account, has to be a lot of reliable as each individual contains distinct biological characteristics. Thanks to this reason bio matrix is spreading everywhere. Typically bio matrix system contains some basic elements.

Initially there is a biological enrollment of an employee. Once an employee is registered, the device creates a template that has enrolled information to keep in it.

During the validation method, the device compares live bio-metric data given by the corresponding worker with the template.

Few examples of bio matrix systems are Fingerprint systems, face recognition systems, voice recognition etc. Reason for rise in bio-matrix demand is that it allows organisations to store large quantity of information in less storage.

They can be used at multiple access point to track the presence of employee at various levels in system. And it saves lot of paper works for the companies attendances are major purpose of bio-metric systems



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