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Full-Height Rotor Gate


Full-height rotor turnstiles provide a high level of security for single-entry walk-through crossing points.

They are significantly appropriate for securing a website entrance or dominant access to specific secure areas, external and internal. they’re firmly anchored to the bottom.

They can be organized to manage traffic flows in one or each directions.

Open Door Gate
Open Door Gate

Tripod Gate

Tripod turnstiles guarantee secure entry to bound areas of buildings. additional compact than full-height rotor turnstiles, they management single-entry access for pedestrians.

They are significantly like minded to high-traffic reception environments and facilitate to regulate traffic flow (one entry at a time).

Tripod gates square measure activated by AN access reader which will be fitted on to the turnstile or controlled remotely. once the access system grants entry, the gate opens the access purpose for the traveler or worker.

Secure Quick Lane

Secure quick lanes enable single-entry bookkeeping to specific access areas within buildings, permitting foot traffic to flow freely (traffic flow up to double as quick as a rack turnstile).

They offer a high level of security and square measure simply integrated into the building design with their clean lines and discreet aesthetics.

Floor area needs vary in keeping with the model, though the speed of access they supply could be a key quality.

Open Door Gate
Open Door Gate

Barrier Arms


Barriers square measure wont to manage vehicle access. they’ll be managementled from Kelio shield and Kelio Security access control software package.

Different formats square measure accessible to suit the configuration of your external areas:

Door Unleash Units

Door unleash units square measure simple to put in and might be fitted to existing doors (wooden, metal, gated, etc.). They contain 2 parts: a door unleash unit put in on the door frame and a plate on the front of the door panel.

Door unleash units square measure operated by the magnetic attraction current. the 2 components of the door unleash unit square measure “stuck” along (electromagnet). The access request triggers an opening within the current that then unlocks the door.

Door unleash units have a push resistance of between 250 kilogram and a number of other tonnes.

Different access readers will be connected to a door unleash system: badge access reader, code keyboard, push-button, etc.

Open Door Gate
Open Door Gate

Electric Door Openers

Electric door openers square measure a element of mechanical device locks. they’re simple to put in and supply a safer version of the quality door lock.

The advantage of this mechanism is that it will be operated remotely. Access is granted by interrupting or applying current.

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