Our virtual security solution is the gung ho and worthwhile threat prevention system in the business.

Fire in the heart send smoke into the head is famous quote which is often applicable to all sorts of infrastructures that is available around us.

It is part of risk management that a firebreak does cause loss of infrastructures or life. Because today’s corporate buildings have lot of doorways access and it is difficult to escape in case of emergency unless an emergency is reported before hand by a surveillance systems.

Our Fire fighting systems involves lot of electronics and devices and convenience systems like smoke detectors, sprinklers, their water tanks smoke mitigation systems, placements of fire extinguishers at strategic location.


The most common detectors presently avaiable on the market include:

  • Optical Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Multi-criteria Detectors (Optical and Thermal)
  • Flame Detectors (IR and UV)
  • Aspirating smoke detectors (Very Early Smoke Detection)
  • Linear heat detectors (Linear Detection Cable)
  • Push-Button Alarms

In addition to choosing the proper kind of detector (smoke, heat, fire alarm, etc.), the suitable engineering methodology is
additionally extraordinarily necessary. A high-quality detector that has been put in within the wrong place won’t attain the required impact.

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