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Door & Gate Access Management Systems

A physical access system is that the beginning in protective your individuals, property, and assets, by following and limiting door logic gate entry access to a property, building or space to approved persons. Key-card, key-fob, bio-metric (fingerprint, membrane scan, and etc.) or PIN-based access management systems give you the flexibility to lock and unlock doors. several organizations utilize technology cards for worker badges to trace and authorize access to restricted areas.

Combine access management with video police investigation and alarms for a whole integrated security system.

Regardless if you’re ranging from scratch otherwise you have AN existing system, IdentiSys will facilitate secure access points at your business. Some older gift systems can be updated or repaired and new systems will be designed utterly from scratch.

No access management job is just too little or giant. Access management systems square measure standard, whether or not you would like to regulate access to one door, a fancy multi-site facility, or something intermediate. IdentiSys provides complete end-to-end solutions and repair.

Open Door Gate
Open Door Gate

Physical Access Solutions

Physical access merchandise give you with the technology to deliver AN access security solution — from easy to complicated comes. whereas physical access needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, IdentiSys will leverage all-access solutions to supply a well-orchestrated physical access system designed for your wants.

Proximity Card Access System

Proximity card systems square measure thought of AN trade customary. that includes a hundred twenty five kHz proximity technology, proximity systems work with a hundred twenty five kHz technology readers and credentials — printable PVC cards, clam-shell cards, key fobs, and tokens.

Open Door Gate
Open Door Gate

Smart Card Access System

Smart card systems are safer and use increased thirteen.56 megacycle per second read/write contactless positive identification technology which will give identification, authentication, and store data on the cardboard owing to the chip and memory that is embedded inside the positive identification.

Key Fob Access System

Key fob access management systems incorporate a hundred twenty five kHz or thirteen.65 megacycle per second reader technology with technology key fobs for the door AND gate access. Key fob systems square measure common for gyms and fitness centers with 24/7 access to members.

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Swipe Card Access System

Swipe card systems use magnetic (mag stripe) cards designed for basic, low-security access management applications. Access is granted with the swipe of a straightforward magnetic tape encoded card.

Multi-Technology Access System

Multi-technology access management systems square measure designed to alter access management solutions and ease the transition from a magnetic tape or proximity to positive identification technology.


Keypad Access System

Keypad access systems square measure easy systems that need simply a PIN code. mix keypads with access cards or credentials mistreatment multi-technology readers for improved access security.

Bio-metric Access System

Bio-metric security access management systems use bio-metric devices like fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, bio-metric authentication scanners, and hand pure mathematics readers. in contrast to keys, proximity cards, good cards, or number sequences, bio-metric security can’t be transferred — an individual should be physically gift at the purpose of identification to realize access.


Mobile Access System

Mobile access management systems use mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets or wearable, to realize access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and additional.

Video Communication Access System

Video communication system access systems square measure used for entry access to a multi-tenant facility. Video communication system systems not solely provide two-way voice communications however additionally enable visual oversight of these coming into and exiting the ability.


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