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Corporate Videos

Films that demand to bring out the essence of a brand/product as per their transientThey’ll be directed towards a client as a decision to action and/or as an academic tutorial.

Corporate Training

For any organisation to succeed it is important that they have efficient workforce. Generally during training of your employees a corporate trainer does his job quite well by giving lectures and conducting workshops for giving knowledge to these new inductees. Time taken by people to attend lectures by travelling to the lecture venues and repeating the lecture.

As knowledge imparting process could be tedious smartest way to save time is making a training video with one batch and populating that training videos throughout all the batches every years which saves valuable time and money.

Affix Center have made several corporate videos for several organisation and educational institute we have resource and tie ups with several well verse and knowledgeable teaching faculty and trainers who can make learning a fruitful pursuit.

Recorded videos can also train your employees who cannot visit training location geographically.


Corporate Marketing

Marketing on television have dominated the marketing industry for several years which was first medium where corporate videos were used for marketing purposes.

After internet became primary source of marketing and this kind of marketing was of far more potential case because it was generating leads and ROIs, as it started attracting customers on click basis.

Consumers are influenced by each message, jingle, logo, billboards, and celebrity related to a company.
Even once customers aren’t being attentive, the message remains in their field of consciousness or visual senses.
Our strategy team will always chalk out best plan for you right from all arrangement of resources to man power to make your corporate videos whether they are B2B or B2C

Corporate Videography

After you’ve planned the video you would like to create, it’s time to truly produce it. This method will take some time. But no other company can offer you the most convenient time frame that we offer to make your video. Because of our efficient teams who look after the work.

If you decide for one thing like animated style video, there’s usually a strategy planning stage, a storyboard stage, then the particular creation.

We recommend that Videos that are camera shot would possibly need casting calls, establishing/creating sets, and shooting the particular video.

This method are going to be the high-priced half for many videos, as a result of you’ll nearly always be happier if you rent professionals to try and do this for you. They’ll have the instrumentality that you just would like and also the expertise to create it nicely.


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