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In this beginner’s guide, we’ll justify what’s a journal and the way is it completely different from a conventional web site. We’ll additionally say usage situations, with real-world examples, and their advantages.

A journal could be a sort of web site wherever the content is given in reverse written record order (newer content seem first). Journal content is commonly remarked as entries or “blog posts”.

Blogs are units that generally go by a private or a tiny low cluster of individuals to gift data in a very colloquial vogue. However, currently there are a lot of company blogs that turn out to be tons of informational and thought-leadership vogue content.

Blogs evolved from on-line diaries and journals within the mid-90s. At that point, net users were already running personal websites wherever they revealed regular updates regarding their personal lives, thoughts, and social statement.


The term weblog was 1st used throughout the late 90s, that later became ‘weblog’, then ‘weblog’, and at last simply ‘blog’.

Due to the growing variety of such websites, many tools began to seem, that created it easier for users to make on-line journals and blogs. These tools helped popularize blogging and created the technology accessible to non-technical users.

Blogs are a sort of website. The sole real distinction between a journal and different styles of website is that blogs are frequently updated with new content, that are displayed in reverse written order.
You can use WordPress to make, an internet site and a journal, that’s why tons of business homeowners use WordPress to create their little business website.

In straight forward terms, all blogs may be an internet site or a part of an internet site. However, not all websites may be known as blogs.

For example, WP Beginner could be a journal and an internet site. Our web site has different content that is revealed in a very non-blog format sort of a gloss, regarding call pages.

In short, a journal could be a sort of web site that focuses chiefly on written content, additionally referred to as journal posts. In widespread culture, we tend to most frequently hear regarding news journals or celebrity blog sites, however as you’ll see during this guide, you’ll begin a booming journal on as regards to any topic possible.

Bloggers typically write from a private perspective that permits them to attach directly with their readers. Additionally, most blogs even have a “comments” section wherever readers will correspond with the blogger. Interacting together with your readers within the comments section helps to additionally associate between the blogger and also the reader.


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A static website contains web content with mounted content. Every page is coded in markup language and displays an equivalent info to each visitant.


A dynamic website will contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to come up with the dynamical content.


E-Commerce Website is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium.

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