We have expertise and experience to create your dream website.

For over seven years, Affix Center team of 25+ specialists in UI style, net portal development, and testing has been increase competencies to become the correct partner for your net portal project.

Our Approach to net Portal Development:

User Engagement



Scalability to handle the growing range of users and information

High performance to make sure users will access the content and tools quickly

Information security: we tend to herald a 16-year expertise in counterintelligence to defend your information and users from unauthorized access, fraud, and alternative threats

simple content management

Easy Content Management

Non-technical users will update the content simply and often. Unified content commercial enterprise designs to bring order to info and guarantee integrity throughout the portal updates. All types of content pages: searchable product/service catalogs, time period rating and inventory viewing, multimedia system galleries, e-cabinets, blogs and then on Integration



Automated integration with alternative business systems like ERP, CRM, HRM, e-commerce solutions. API development to ensure tight integration along with your customers’ / vendors’ ERP systems, if needed technologies. We apply the foremost appropriate technologies for your business desires associated guarantee an Brobdingnagian level of personalization and usefulness of your portal. delivery in ample expertise in net development, we offer from-scratch development on .NET, PHP, or Java.

CMS-based solutions on Pimcore, WordPress, Salesforce


Acknowledging the volatile nature of the business, we tend to guarantee a portal’s design permits on-the-go changes harmlessly to its performance. Be it an enormous portal serving many thousands of users with complicated practicality or a tiny low corking answer.

Our specialists ensure it advantages the Customer’s business with a robust on-line image. Front-end: hypertext mark-up language, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.) Back-end: PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js

CMSs: Pimcore, WordPress, SharePoint, Salesforce


Industry Experience

Affix Center net portal development experience has evolved across multiple industries:

Professional Experience

We have conjointly designed up expertise in Energy, Media, and diversion, Public Sector, Transportation and supplying.

Setting Out

We price cooperation with our customers and ar desperate to rise to your business challenge to make the simplest portal answer. simply drop U.S. a line and obtain a free consultation on a way to implement your concepts into a sturdy net portal answer.


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