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A static website contains web content with mounted content. Every page is coded with mark up language and displays an equivalent info to each visitant. Static site are the foremost basic kind of website and are the simplest to build. Not like dynamic websites. Functioning of dynamic websites does not need any internet programming or information style.

Static websites are often designed by merely making a couple of mark up language pages for commercial enterprise for them to update their information to an online server.

Since static web content contain mounted code, the content of every page doesn’t modify unless it’s manually updated by the webmaster. This works well for tiny websites, however it will create massive sites with a whole lot or thousands of pages are tough to keep up.

Static website

Therefore, larger websites generally use dynamic pages, which may be updated by merely modifying an information record. (Deleted a whole phrase here)This makes it doable to update many pages quickly, and conjointly helps to offer an identical layout throughout the positioning.

A static web site could be a web site that contains web content with mounted content. Every page is coded in mark up language and displays an equivalent content to each visitant. ( deleted the same sentence from previous one again)

Affix Center Softech Services Pvt Ltd, a number one internet style Development Company, incorporates the information and skill required to style and develop first static websites for your business. Our proficient personnel internet developers, specialist internet developers initially perceives your business and then organize among themselves along with your business profile serving to you extrapolate your thinking into visuals.

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Since we have a tendency to perceive finest internet styles which are in line with the correct colours, correct layout and an air tight code to maximise clues and conversions.



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Static Website
Static Website

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Static Website

We don't believe in just SELLING websites, we believe in building websites that SELL.


A dynamic website will contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to come up with the dynamical content.


E-Commerce Website is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium.


WordPress is an open-source and free Web publishing application to make stunning websites, blogs, or apps.

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