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Time LineTake a look back at our most memorable milestones.



Our journey started as a freelance company on 11th November 2011 where seeds of being better than the best were born with an ambition to compete with International Standards. It was not easy to give shape to our dreams, and power our wings to fulfill our desire to fly in the sky of success where we can flutter and honor our Tricolor.

The entrepreneurs started the venture to help enhance the technological skills of India and expand it internationally. At first, it seemed impossible to pursue this task without finance, assets, a proper set up or a place to work from. But as the saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way”; public places like park and street benches became the place to work and pocket money managed to be the finance and that's how a wonderful journey began…



After the initial struggling phase Affix Center managed to get a few Hardware AMC contracts and 1 website client, proving us with enough fuel to takeoff.

We strived hard as a team to achieve the targets as committed to our clients and were successful in achieving it, which in return helped us to gain appreciation and motivation in terms of good references from these clients. This boosted our confidence and acted as a push to accelerate our journey.

All this helped us bag a few more website and software related projects which helped us generate some revenue.



All this hard work helped Affix Center to open a small workplace in Jogeshwari so as to increase the productivity of work more.

As planned the workflow was executed by team efforts and dedication. But Initially bringing a project on board was a challenging task for the young management as of less exposure and no brand popularity in the market.


This was the year Affix Center got registered as a partnership firm.....this step also helped us in building trust with our clients.



Work this year was started with ATM management System CRM Development portal for a Pan India based company, a customized Web CRM Development for a Designing Company and many other website and software projects were launched throughout the year.


Affix Center's area of work expanded from Hardware & Networking, Software Development, and Website Development to Domain & Hosting, CCTV Securities, etc. and we also executed many projects on the same areas of expertise.

Affix Center has got multiple opportunities to offer their services for esteemed clients in the field of IT, Hospitality, Education, Legal & Film Industry and many more to grow....



After a journey from a startup, Affix Center is now a well known and trusted brand amongst the clients with the brand name of “ Affix Center Softech Services Pvt. Ltd. “ Affix Center is now cherished with 3 Directors as its pillars and supported with skilled staff.

Affix Center is proud to make a claim that the company has not invested any amount for branding, advertising and marketing till date, and have got 80% of their business through the existing client referrals.

AFFIX CENTER expanding the services into E-Commerce, AR & VR technologies

In the beginningof the year Affix Center got a government website tender, By mid of this year Affix Center had got contracts for 5 E-Commerce Portals which included some of well known brands.

After the successful offerings of vivid services in various technology fields in IT team Affix Center now got engaged in to worlds most leading and awaiting technology that Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.



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We believe in serving you better then the best, which has made us not to invest any amount for Branding, Advertisement & Marketing till date, and have gained us 80 % of the present from the existing clients.

  • Web Development

  • Domain & Hosting

  • App Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Software Development

  • Hardware & Networking

  • CCTV


In the span of time this is how all our work is rated on the basis of the categories & scopes, we are working for the improvement of our work profile. We are constantly increasing our team strength so as to serve you better, and to add new services to offer you and become an Complete I.T Solution provider.

  • Projects 340
  • Website 147
  • Web Portals 15
  • AMC 184
  • Domain & Hosting 112
  • E-mail 1169
  • Cup Of tea 721


Some of our valuable clients who has enriched our portfolio with their presence,our well wishers who has gained your trust, and we have managed to do it with them.


Stay connected to explore the world of Technology, on several social media site and also keep posting your Innovating ideas to us which would be Implemented in Affix Center's Website during its update & get a Experience Certificate for the same..

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