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G2B E-governance: A Win-Win Solution for Public and Private Sectors

G2B transactions include various services exchanged between government and the business community, including dissemination of policies, memos, rules and regulations. Business services offered include obtaining current business information, downloading application forms and renewing licenses, as well as registration of businesses, obtaining permits etc. The services offered through G2B transactions also assist in business development by simplifying application procedures that would facilitate the approval process for SME requests. Such interactions between government and commercial sector contribute to smoother business operations and growth while reducing costs by streamlining processes and thereby enabling increased participation by businesses in national economic activities .

Significance of G2B Program in E-Governance

In the e-government space, G2B refers to the exchange of information between government agencies and businesses. The services offered through G2B transactions also play a significant role in business development, specifically the development of small and medium enterprises (Pascual, 2003). The opportunity to conduct online transactions with government reduces red tape and simplifies regulatory processes, therefore helping businesses to become more competitive.

The G2B category also includes other business to business transactions including:

  • Distribution of policies, memos and rules
  • Lodging taxes
  • Renewing licenses
  • Registering businesses

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