Establishing and maintaining your network infrastructures to meet need of your I.T demands.

Hardware and Networking is skeleton and backbone for any IT company to function and support the workforce with their day today activities. Right from booting the computer, to going online with WiFi, is all due to efficient task force of network support engineers and desktop support engineer of the company.

Affix Center being a giant in providing I.T. solutions and network infrastructures for other companies. We provide wide range of I.T. support services like elevation of networks, loss of hard drives, cyber security and hardware maintenances. We are able to cater to wide dimensioned market only because; we have enthusiastic engineers in market who are taught with purpose to serve and to make technology better.

Hardware and networking is crucial part for any organisation and we want your organisation to thrive and your markets to grow, this is our aim and motive to provide you with finest service at your disposal.


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