Quest Immigration (Santacruz West – Dubai – Qatar)

Clients Case Study

Enhancing IT Infrastructure and Network Security: Affix Center’s Solution for Quest Immigration


This case study highlights Affix Center’s successful implementation of IT solutions for Quest Immigration, a leading organization in the field of overseas education and immigration. Affix Center provided hardware, networking, and consulting services to address the client’s specific requirements and challenges. 

Client Requirements and Initial Challenges

Quest Immigration approached Affix Center with a requirement for hardware and networking solutions. As a young and dedicated team, Affix Center was determined to explore opportunities in this new sector. The client faced challenges such as underperforming manpower and ineffective lead management, leading to wasted opportunities. Additionally, budget constraints limited their ability to invest in IT infrastructure. 

Performance Improvement and Cost Optimization

Affix Center began by understanding the client’s pain areas and recommended steps to enhance system performance. Recognizing the budget constraints, the team suggested opting for second-hand systems with suitable configurations. This cost-effective approach involved providing dual-core, i3, and i5 machines to improve the performance of telecallers. The client appreciated the branded systems and expressed satisfaction with the warranty and AMC services. 

Scaling Up and Data Security

As the client’s team began performing well, they decided to expand their operations by opening a larger office. Affix Center advised the client on introducing security devices to address data security concerns. With the client’s trust in place, Affix Center was given the freedom to design the IT infrastructure for the new office. The team implemented a comprehensive network design, including the installation of a Cyberoam firewall for data security and restrictions. They set up the entire office from internet cable pulling to server configuration, adhering to centralized control systems and company restrictions policies. 

Centralized Data Storage and Monitoring

Affix Center implemented a centralized data storage solution and created a captive portal to monitor and restrict user activities. Role-based access policies were implemented, ensuring that employees had limited access to specific resources based on their designation. VPN access was also set up to facilitate remote monitoring and data access for the owner, regardless of their location. 

Branch Expansion and Intra-Network Communication

After a year, the client expanded its operations to Dubai and Qatar, replicating the entire network infrastructure in both locations. Affix Center also advised the client on implementing a VOIP system for intra-network communication, utilizing VPN connections to establish a secure and interconnected network between offices. 

Mumbai as the Head Office and Ongoing Support

With the successful deployment of the project, Mumbai became the head office for Quest Immigration, and Affix Center continued to monitor and support the entire network from there. The project’s ongoing support and maintenance were provided under an AMC agreement, ensuring smooth operations and timely assistance. 


Affix Center’s comprehensive IT solution enabled Quest Immigration to enhance its IT infrastructure, improve system performance, strengthen data security, and establish seamless communication between multiple locations. The successful implementation of these solutions played a crucial role in the client’s growth and success. Affix Center expresses gratitude to Quest Immigration for the opportunity and their trust in delivering effective IT solutions.